Our Mission

To provide fresh, organic food and to support organic farms in a sustainable, ethical manner. In addition, facilitating a more local way of eating as well as living a life full of health and wellness.

April at the farm

April Manson Chief Organic Officer

Proudly still 100 % family owned since 2008.

Here’s a little something about why I started our family business.

I grew up surrounded by lush, vegetable filled gardens. I have fond memories pulling weeds and plucking bugs off the plants with my small hands. Venturing out to forage for fiddleheads and fresh wild morales plied from the damp earth.

On hot summer days, I found myself in fields of lettuce as tall as my knees. Where cucumbers were picked and eaten by the bushels. Our bare feet in the hot dark earth plucking the bounty that each day offered.

The fall would be filled with the smell of fresh dill and garlic as canning sessions would erupt in the house, the windows wet with condensation. Fresh baked bread and hearty venison stew on the stove.  I remember milking goats, the sound of each stream hitting the metal pails in a rhythmic motion resulting in frothy pail of hot goaty milk.

Fast forward to 2008

I was living in the city a long way from my childhood roots. I was frustrated with the lack of organic foods offered in the grocery store. There was little option for local even when it was the local growing season (forget local organics they were non existent!). So off to the farmers market I would go with lots of fresh local but no organic. With 3 kids under 4 and wanting more I said,  “there has to be a better way, how hard could it be” to start from scratch what didn’t exist here.

We had less than two dozen people the first week we started. Two weeks in, the gas prices doubled and then the economy tanked as the recession began. Not one to give up, I dug in my heels and got to work. I enlisted my husband, kids, neighbours, and friends to all help. The business grew through the years and the kids did too.

Here we are today with the most amazing bunch of people. It is a true labour of love and we hope you can join us for the journey.

–April Manson

Owner, Chief Organic Officer

Organic Food Delivery with Online Grocery Store

Serving Durham Region since 2008

Oshawa, Whitby, Brooklin, Bowmanville, Courtice, and Ajax and now Newcastle

We offer 100% organic fruits and veggies all year

We extend the season that local farmers can sell their product

We put the best seasonal organic product in our fresh boxes

We save you money by knowing the cycles of the growing seasons: both locally and worldwide

What kind of fruits and vegetables do you sell?

We offer a full array of seasonal vegetables. The list of what is available alters each week as the season changes both locally and then beyond in the colder months. In the fresh selections, we offer 40+ options each week.  If there is something special you are looking for just ask.

What if I don’t like broccoli but love to have kale each week?

That is fine by us. You can customize your bin each week from a list of other products that are available. You can also choose items to be added to a never send list so if you don’t like broccoli, for example, it will automatically come out of your order each week.

How Can I Save Money?

How Can I Save Money?

There are a several ways you can save money:

Easy-Pay Program

Fast and easy! Pay once and do not stress (plus it saves you banking fees if your bank charges you for cheques/e-transfer)

$250 payment gives you 5% credit ($12.50)

$500 payment gives you 7.5% credit ($37.50)

Referral Program

Refer a friend and receive $10.00 off your next order after your friend place their first order!

I’m missing product in my bin. What do I do?

Something was missing from my bin, what now?

Please ensure that we have not substituted another product into your bin for the missing product. Sometimes, due availability, particular product may not be available for that week and we have to replace it. If the item is missing, simply email us and we will replace it on your next order.

There is something in my bin that was bad. What do I do?

Oops! We are very sorry that happened. Please let us know and we will replace it next order. We do check the product before it goes into your bin but sometimes we miss things.

Help! I have found a bug!

Especially in the local growing season, you may find a bug much like you would in your own vegetable garden. Local vegetables are grown in a very rustic manner unlike large factory farms. Bugs are killed by harmful pesticides so if you find a bug, think of it as Mother Nature’s own organic label.

Is all your food organic?

Yes, all of our food is 100% third party certified organic.